Thursday, 16 June 2011

Break In: 1

It smelt bad, really bad. Even before he prised up the metal cover he could smell it. Not long before others would begin to notice it. That kind of smell was distinctive, and if somebody wandered near and had smelt this smell before, they’d know. The cops would be called in an instant. He had to do something.
He curled his fingers under the edge of the cover and braced himself for the stench. Even before the metal shifted the smell escalated badly. It was even worse than he had expected. He hadn’t factored in that the weather had been incredibly good over the last week. The sun had been beating down on the metal cover and created an oven. His fingers lost their grip as the natural urge to vomit took over. He didn’t have a choice.
But it had to be done. He wiped his sleeve across his mouth and worked his fingers once more under the cover to begin this unpalatable chore. This time, even though he was ready for it, he still felt his body react and had to work hard to hold the bile down. As the cover lifted the late evening sunlight drifted down into the shallow grave. It was not a pretty sight. Once upon a time it had been a pretty sight, a very pretty sight indeed. But that was a long time ago. Maybe that had been the problem, too pretty by far. Little wonder it ended like this.
He noticed the glint of the wedding band just visible through the puffed up fingers. It seemed to taunt and tease him. It whispered in his head. Do you see anything you fancy? Wanna play? Come give me a kiss big boy? That’s it darling, fuck me hard.
She’d been fucked all right, and he’d enjoyed it.
But now he had to push those thoughts away; he had work to do. Of course she’d deserved it. She’d asked for it. They all do. She’d got it good and proper. That’s the only decent way to deal with such a slut. But she’d lasted well. She put up a good fight. He’d enjoyed that. In so many ways she was his favourite. Now, time to get it done.
She had been good though. It didn’t turn out quite the way he had planned, but it was still good. Watching faces had always been a pleasure. Seeing them go from excited anticipation. The thrill of what pleasures would soon arrive. Then – click. As the eyelid moved the flicker of concern began. Have I missed something? Something doesn’t feel right. He liked that moment. The moment when power shifted, control changed hands. Their adult life had been spent manipulating others. Spinning tales and pulling strings. They were used to getting what they wanted. It was this flicker that was the turning point. After that point their life would never be the same again. Of course they didn’t know the detail, but in that second they seemed to sense that something fundamental in their world had changed. The birth of a new life. A short life. A life totally controlled. A life with only one option, one path, one end. Seeing that played out in their face was fascinating. Thrilling. To work...


  1. hi i like it so far but im not sure who i can recommend it to but ill try