Saturday, 24 September 2011

Don't ignore me again

Hey hello, I’m on Times Square again, doing my thing. Creeping slowly down the sidewalk. The noise, the lights, the throng - all convenient for my purpose. Ideal in fact. They simply won’t know until it is too late. But slow now. Just be careful. One at a time will suffice.

I've been here before, but that was just to visit. Now I am here to work. And my work never seems to end. Some days I wonder if I had chosen the right path in life, or rather death. But deep down I know it makes sense. Everything fits together perfectly in my mind - and frankly the minds of others too. Sure, I am not alone. Over the years I had converted many people. Usually they come over okay, but not always, occasionally they struggle.

And in those cases things can get a little messy. They never seemed to want to go down quietly, but that should not be such a surprise, particular since I've been doing this line of work for some 260 years. Surprised? Well that's not to be wondered at - you don't know what I do. Yet Maybe you will wish you would never know, but already you're on that slippery slope to discover the truth.

Come on, don't worry, it won't hurt, well not too much. Maybe a little at first but I like to think that is more akin to discomfort than pain. Yeah okay, I guess it's all relative to your experience, and I have to say I have plenty of that. Feels quite good really.

By the way, did you see me the other day? We almost bumped into each other. Not in Times Square of course, just around the corner from where you live. I did smile but you seemed to be in a bit of a hurry. Silly really because now there is no need to rush any more. The daily madness will soon dwindle in significance for you. It takes a little while for the new mode to settle, but ŷou'll be fine, I promise.

Maybe if you think hard you will remember me?

Anyhow, can I ask a favour - try not to ignore me again. I know you have no clue what I look like - and I do change a little from week to week - but it would be very much in your interests to take a little more notice of strangers, just in case it's me!

See ya soon!

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